Five Reasons to Buy a New Condominium in the GTA

“In Ontario, more than one million people are now living a condominium lifestyle and that number will continue to grow. The GTA is the fastest growing condominium market in North America, and here are five good reasons why.

  1. Affordability and choice: Condominiums are still the most affordable path to homeownership in the GTA, with the average price of a high-rise suite nearly $200,000 less than the average low-rise home. The condo market in the GTA is also the most active in North America so buyers have plenty of choice when it comes to finding their new home.
  2. Quality of construction and designs: New condominiums are built using the latest construction techniques and attention to details to ensure solid, quality construction. Not only that, but high-rise communities in the GTA have received provincial, national and international recognition for its modern designs that combine function and style with open, inviting living areas, lots of light, well-planned work spaces and built-in convenience.
  3. You choose the builder: When you buy a brand new home, you get to choose your builder based on their reputation and track record. Builders are proud of their work – they have the skills, experience and integrity to do the job right, and they are committed to your satisfaction.
  4. Energy efficiency: All new condominiums are built in accordance with the Ontario Building Code, which was updated to include more energy efficient standards in 2012. Combine that with advanced construction techniques, higher levels of insulation and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, you not only save money on your energy bills, you also enjoy a far more comfortable home.
  5. Built across the GTA: Provincial public policy is encouraging intensification and in many parts of the GTA the industry has adapted by building condominiums. Many embrace the condominium lifestyle because buildings can be found on transit corridors, they have unique amenities and they are an affordable option for first-time homebuyers all the way through to downsizers.”